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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[General] Girl Genius Online

BTW, for those following Phil and Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius, who are caught up through issue 13, the first page of what would have been issue 14 is now up on http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/ (under 'Advanced Class').

For those who haven't been, but are curious, the previous 13 issues from while it was a print-comic are being slowly brought live one page at a time under the 'Girl Genius 101' link on the website.


That was the end of issue 10. So you missed issues 11, 12 and 13. The Advanced Class begins with what would have been issue 14.
This is looking to be one of those comicals I'll have to wait for a substantial buffer to be put up in order to read.
Or you could just buy the collections of the past issues. Support Phil and Kaja! ;)
Well, да. Gonna do that anyway.

Incidentally, do you happen to know if the Buck Godot story "The Gallimaufry" will be put into a hardcover collection anytime soon?

(Mine issues are getting ratty and covered in Indian food stains from loan outs.)
No clue, I'm afraid.
(Wait, you said past issues: those I already have. I meant future installments. Adventure material reads better if I can have it in large chunks, rather than a thin slice daily/3x per week.)

First Foglios

And, if it comes to that, the Foglios are newly arrived to LJ land, too.

kajafoglio and philfoglio.

Re: First Foglios