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[Geek] Modem Woes II: The Revenge

Antony picked up a used external US Robotics Sportster 33.6k modem from a co-worker today. The serial cable was bad, so Linux couldn't talk to it. agentanderson donated an old Rockwell modem... which proved to be another HCF (Winmodem) modem. Three modems, no go. Antony's going to pick up a new serial cable tomorrow, though, and pray the 33.6 is still good.

We did, however, get in some walking and all, and we got a little loopy at one point.

ME: *as we look for a Radio Shack to see if it's still open* ...and there's Bed, Bath & Beyond.
ANTONY: A magical place, filled with wonder!
ME: And bedsheets!
ANTONY: No, the bedsheets are part of the wonder.
ME: Wondrous bedsheets!
ANTONY: Right!

...or when the modems inspired Black Adder quoting.

ANTONY: *Edmund voice* I have... a cunning plan!
ME: *Baldric voice* How cunning, milord?
ANTONY: *Edmund* This plan is so cunning, Baldric, that you could brush your teeth with it.
ME: *Baldric* That cunning?
ANTONY: *normal voice* ...oh, damn, no, this is still a null-modem cable.

Ah, well. Eventually, he will get online!


Bet the accent helps for the Blackadder stuff. ;)
Well... if all else fails, I have a really old 28.8 (it's around 10 years old) that's got dipswitches on it, although I'm not sure if it'd help or not. I have a newer external, too. They'd have to be mailed, though.