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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Writing] Rejection #1

Buuusy day. The rest of that aside, though, I got my first rejection letter for one of my submissions. It was to the print magazine I'd sent in a printed manuscript by snail mail. Ah, well. This was to one of the biggest fantasy magazines out there, so I'm not wholly surprised it was rejected.

It was, at least, a personalized one rather than a form one! And though it may well have been simple politeness, the note did at least encourage me to submit the story other places. So, I'm taking that to heart and doing so.

A few of the writer-folks I know say that it's worth framing your first rejection note as a reminder to keep going. Hee. :)


I agree... I kept mine and hung it on the wall. Before I got anything accepted, I had seventeen pink-slips, as it were. It became ever more amusing as I papered the wall of my bedroom with them. When I finally got a notification that something was going to be published, I didn't know what to do with the letter. It seemed almost wrong to hang it up. [grin] I ended up putting it on the opposite wall, seventeen facing one.
Hey! I didn't realize you had an LJ. I'll have to take a look sometime later, when I'm slightly less worn down by running around Seattle trying to help shadowfey's husband find a non-Winmodem modem.

(Connexion MUST DIE. Or, alternatively, should advertise their chipset on the side of boxes so there's at least fair warning. It's so very wrong that the AOpen FM-56S is a Rockwell chipset, and the AOpen FM-56SV is a Connexion; Rockwell has open source drivers for Linux, while Connexion makes you buy a commercial driver.)