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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] New hairdo...

Got my hair re-layered today, in such a way that it seems a bit more wavy. I like the result.

Wavy Hair!


You have nice hair.
You look MAHvelous!
GOOD haircut.
Tis quite nifty. I approve :)
Definitely nice - and your hair frames your face well, too. :)
I like it. I also have a new costuming assistant, named Amanda, who looks so much like you I keep accidentally calling her by your name!

So, in other words, she's really cute. Sadly for my technical director, she's married and has a baby.

Maybe I should introduce him to you! ;)
NICE Hairdo!
it looks great!

And, for the record? I am SO jealous of your hair color.


Wow! Fucking gorgeous!
That's a very pretty haircut! Did you get a dye or is that your natural colour? The colour is very NICE!
Dang, looking good, woman!