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Riding, Roman

[Riding] Roman Returns

As one might guess from the subject line, Roman was up to his old tricks again. The balking when I wanted him to trot and all. Took a while to get him up to speed, and he did his usual 'watch me use the corner as an excuse to stop!' routine.

However, we got through this and I was able to trot him through a serpentine course several times. By the end, we were working well again, and he was cornering more precisely. (Roman /can/ turn on a dime. As with most things involving effort, he usually just doesn't WANT to.)

Nothing particularly interesting this lesson, but some good time with the horse. Ah, well; not every week can be as exciting as last (good thing, too!), or as much a break from routine as a trail ride. ;)

There /is/, however, a horse staying at the school for a few months. A former student's horse, now up for sale, being leased by one of the other students. Jefe is a lovely roan TB gelding, but he's 17 years old and $13,000... which is not /bad/ considering he has an excellent show record, but he's getting a little old to command that kind of price. (Witness the fact that he's been up for sale for over a year.)

What's almost been tempting is a horse being sold nearby. A 9-year-old TB gelding, who's been a backyard horse. Got to see him over a fence... lovely conformation, very friendly, but because he's got little training to speak of and needs work -- he's a jumper/dressage prospect -- he's only $3000. (Only, she says. ONLY.) My classmate and I were looking at the info-sheet posted on the barn's bulletin board and going 'mmm... no, no, really DON'T need to buy a horse, we're both beginners... if you talk me out of it, I'll talk you out of it...'


Oh, I know. I'm not (really) seriously thinking about it. It's more, 'oh, look, he's practically next-door, and he needs a new home... and they do training here over in the other barn...'

Really, I do have a semi-firm plan on all this. Down the road, when I feel more experienced, I plan to half-lease Roman, since he is available for half-lease. /Then/ I'll start thinking about buying, after I've got some leasing experience under my belt.

Which doesn't mean a nice horse with a good price tag doesn't make me go aaaaw... ;)