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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] Bahahahah!

The soundtrack for the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has Stephen Fry (a British comedian and actor whose work I greatly enjoy, and who is the voice of the Book in the new movie and trailers) kind of sort of rapping, atop a robotic/techno soundtrack, the old 'Reasons to Be Miserable' song from the original Hitchhiker's radio drama.


I'm sorry, this is just making me laugh too hard. Because he does it in the same calm, cultured voice he uses for the Book, or for Reginald Jeeves in 'Jeeves and Wooster.' So very wrong.

They also kept 'Journey of the Sorceror,' the original Hitchhiker's Guide themesong from the radio series (which has been used in pretty much every version since), in the soundtrack. So, yay. :)


That's awesome. I adore Stephen Fry.
Have you seen any of the Black Adder series? Stephen Fry was in Black Adder 2 and 4, and also the Black Adder movie. It might not exactly be your thing, because the humor is absolutely vicious in the way that only brit-coms can be, but Fry delivers an excellent performance in both - almost exactly the opposite of Jeeves.
I have indeed. And yes, Stephen Fry was Lord Melchett in Black Adder 2, King Charles in Black Adder: The Cavalier Years, and General Melchett in Black Adder Goes Forth. He's one of my favorite actors.

However, his vocal stylings in Hitchhiker, as the Book, are much closer to Jeeves than to, say, General Melchett. :)
You forgot to mention the Duke of Wellington in Blackadder III.
Looking at my post? You're right, I did. And a /slew/ of roles in 'Black Adder: Back and Forth.'

I plead fatigue. Plus, I haven't watched Black Adder in about 5 years. :)