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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[Geek] Webcomic Observations

I just helped someone build the site for their webcomic. My observation? Autokeen Lite /sucks/. If I ever somehow gained enough artistic skills and lost enough sanity to start a webcomic, I would sooner do raw HTML than work with Autokeen Lite. I have no clue how anyone can put up with it.

In order to make this work properly, I had to add new functions to Autokeen Lite's template system. In order to do THAT, I had to rewrite the Autokeen Lite parser. But now there's an SAL (Sparks Autokeen Lite) which supports including external files into templates, supports a (very very limited) blogger engine, and a few other things. It was an interesting challenge (and I'm glad I was able to help), but Autokeen Lite just kind of horrifies me.

I sit here, looking at these past few hours of work, and I think... I could SO write a better webcomic engine than this. And ideally one which was easier to set up.

And then I regain my sanity, and realize I do not need more projects. But the point remains.


raw HTML

Always worked for me.
The advantage to comic management systems is that you can upload comics ahead of time, and it only brings them live when that date rolls around.
Oh, I know.
I use raw html for both of mine.

That way, they may be mediocre, but they're mediocre in a way that's specific to me.
Hee. Well, I can see the raw HTML making a lot of sense for I Drew This. I think were I doing content management for Ozy & Millie, I'd probably use some kind of automated archiving system. But yeah.

The site does, at least, look fairly distinctive; I was able to take her page designs and turn them into templates for my mutant, reconstructed Frankensteinian Autokeen variant.
Oh, the archiving, and to some extent the updating, for both the sites is automated. They use a lot of the same scripts.

In the very beginning--1998 or so--I used to do absolutely everything manually, but now I'm not sure how I could stand it. Then again, at the time I was also able to tolerate a 1G hard drive, dialup access, etc. That was a different time.
1GB?! DIALUP? Waugh! No way! Horrible!

(And I still love that aiiiiie icon of yours.)

What, mine above there? No, someone I know did it as a layer in an animation he was making. I have no idea what he used.

I just thought it was a damn cool screen test, and asked if I could snag it, resize it, and use it as an icon, and he said sure. :)
I've been wondering about it. It looks like Luke Elricwalker.
I know she's somehow tied to Knights of the Old Republic II, because the little snippet of animation this layer is from has characters from KotOR2 as well. That said, you're the second person to tell me it looked like Edward Elric goes Jedi. And I kind of agree.

It's, er, kind of why the animation amused me, and I asked the guy if I could use it. :)
Hey, I'll be back in Washington soon. We should, like, have lunch. :>
Sounds good to me. I'm heading off to bed, but you know my e-mail address; just toss me info and we'll work something out. :)