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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[Writing] Geeky Writing Solutions

Is it bad that I've come up with an Excel spreadsheet which...

a) lets me store all the markets I'm familiar with, along with what they claim their slush pile waits are, and then

b) tracks where I've submitted a story, how long it's been on slush pile (with an automatic reset to count from 'acknowledgment' instead of 'submission' if I get an acknowledgment date to enter), and how many days are left before I should mail a query to find out what happened

...and have already entered my two submissions into it? It's nice because it automatically pulls all the slush pile data when you enter which magazine you've submitted to, and fills out a bunch of the fields for you. :)


Can I mention that I love the icon?

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Actually, Kaja's having a little trouble with PHP for the site, so hopefully there's no delays...! :/