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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Meme] Music Meme

Since technoshaman put me as one of the 'people who I'd like to see do this meme,' here we go.

Total Volume of Music on my Computer: 6.03 GB (and on iPod too)

Last CD bought: Uffington Horse, Enchantment
Last album bought (online): Silk Road Ensemble, Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon

Song playing right now: Uffington Horse, Water's in the Hold
Song before this: Third Eye Blind, Semi-Charmed Life

(My shuffle mode is odd.)

Five songs which mean a lot to me/that I listen to a lot:
Gordon Bok, Peter Kagen and the Wind -- I grew up on Gordon Bok's music.
久石譲, ふたたび -- I can't really explain why this particular Hisaishi song ends up on my playlist so often, but it does.
R.E.M., The Outsiders -- because it's melancholy, which I like in music, and describes a lot of my political feelings lately.
Sarah McLachlan, World on Fire -- because it's poignant, which I like in music, and describes a lot of political/economic feelings lately. :P
Guster, Center of Attention -- 'cause Guster's one of my favorite bands, and I really like this song. Not every reason is deep or insightful. :P

People I'd like to see do this meme:
bluerain, since I can't think of any more musically-inclined folks I know on LJ.
adamdray, out of random curiosity, since he keeps pointing me at songs on Rhapsody.
shadowfey, since I'm curious what she listens to while writing.

..and now I go find more painkiller, 'cause my entire lower left side is a rather impressive bruise.


I actually did this meme once, but it was pre-Alphonse, since the answer to how much music I have on my computer, at the time, was "none--my had drive is too small." (I have a lot of it, now. Yay Mac.)

And I had been thinking of finding it and doing it again. So I will now. :>
Heh. The music I listen to while writing can vary immensely, but for the past six months, it's mostly been either U2's 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' or The Corries, because at the time I was getting the majority of my writing done while using my cd player, and those were the two cds which kept being close to hand when I went to write. I suspect that will change now.

A lot of the time, whatever I'm listening to just fades into the background anyway; I get too busy writing to notice mundane things like music.
Heresy! Music is never mundane. :>
There are mundanities that masquerade as music. Britney. Early Madonna. Most stuff off the pop chart since 1990. Most stuff Muzak pipes in.

Cute icon, btw. I can just imagine the dragon warming up.. "Laaaa.."
Well, okay. I'll grant you that.

And thank you. :>
I must now admit, that particular icon (the shades-and-hat wearing dragon-version of you) always makes me think of Blues Brothers.
We're on a mission from God.
*grin* It might help you to know that I'm moderately to profoundly deaf in both ears. My powers of Tuning Things Out (tm) are mighty and fearsome to behold, as are my powers of Misunderstanding What People Have Just Said.

That said, I am a music lover; I just tend to be somewhat oblivious when I'm in the middle of writing.
Gordon Bok... what type of music?
Maine/Nova Scotia fisherman's songs, really. Hard to describe any other way.
Sea chanteys?
No. Folk music of the Maine/Nova Scotia coast.


I'd do the meme, but it takes too much work and I hate viral memes (the "now you do it" type). ;) But...

6.34 GB on my hard drive. Mostly, I stream it off Rhapsody and I don't burn that much to disk. I don't have an iPod or other MP3 player.

Last CD bought: Marillion's "Misplaced Childhood" and Sigur Ros' "()" (actually these were gifts to me)

Last album bought online: I've never bought an entire album online.

Song playing right now: Atomic Moog 2000 (Cornelius Mix) by Coldcut
Right before that one: "Pump up the Volume by M/A/R/R/S.

5+ songs I like a lot:

This is harder because my attention to songs is ephemeral but these have stuck with me a long time.

Kayleigh / Lavender by Marillion (a high school discovery that I never let go)
Moments in Love by Anne Dudley (remake of the Art of Noise song; it's just groovy)
Creep by Radiohead (I love the power of emotion in it)
Vltava (Moldau) by Bedrich Smetana (it stirs something in me and I can see the river)
Colour My World by Chicago (it's the song Steph and I danced to at our wedding)
Cars by Gary Numan (simple yet addictive)
Down In It by Nine Inch Nails (my first NiN exposure and where I started listening to crunchier music and reading cyberpunk)