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[Meme] Music Meme

Since technoshaman put me as one of the 'people who I'd like to see do this meme,' here we go.

Total Volume of Music on my Computer: 6.03 GB (and on iPod too)

Last CD bought: Uffington Horse, Enchantment
Last album bought (online): Silk Road Ensemble, Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon

Song playing right now: Uffington Horse, Water's in the Hold
Song before this: Third Eye Blind, Semi-Charmed Life

(My shuffle mode is odd.)

Five songs which mean a lot to me/that I listen to a lot:
Gordon Bok, Peter Kagen and the Wind -- I grew up on Gordon Bok's music.
久石譲, ふたたび -- I can't really explain why this particular Hisaishi song ends up on my playlist so often, but it does.
R.E.M., The Outsiders -- because it's melancholy, which I like in music, and describes a lot of my political feelings lately.
Sarah McLachlan, World on Fire -- because it's poignant, which I like in music, and describes a lot of political/economic feelings lately. :P
Guster, Center of Attention -- 'cause Guster's one of my favorite bands, and I really like this song. Not every reason is deep or insightful. :P

People I'd like to see do this meme:
bluerain, since I can't think of any more musically-inclined folks I know on LJ.
adamdray, out of random curiosity, since he keeps pointing me at songs on Rhapsody.
shadowfey, since I'm curious what she listens to while writing.

..and now I go find more painkiller, 'cause my entire lower left side is a rather impressive bruise.
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