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Riding, Roman

[Riding] Roman's Revenge

(Someday, I will stop alliterating my riding-lesson post titles. This is still not that day.)

So, I'd missed last week's lesson, and boy did Roman notice. He snorted and just about smothered me affectionately when I showed up. Chester and Coalby were also glad to see me; Chester took my jacket collar lightly in his teeth to pull me closer, then rested his head on my shoulder as if I were a pillow. Coalby kept head-butting me lightly until I'd scritch the itchy spot just below her right ear. I told them all I was glad to see them too.

When it was time for the lesson I went to fetch Roman. I groomed him out, tacked him up, and went out into the ring. All went reasonably normally.

We actually started with something Kara had promised a little while ago; a bit of beginning dressage posture practice. Trying riding with legs loose from stirrups, and things like that. Then when that was done, it was time to work on the posting trot and transitions...

My first sign that something was different was when I didn't have to fight Roman up to the trot at all; he took off at a jog immediately, and transitioned to the trot with hardly any trouble. Even just the verbal 'tchk-tchk' with my tongue was enough to get him going!

However, he pulled some of his usual old tricks -- trying to use corners as an excuse to stop, and so on. I could get him right back to the trot without any real effort, but he'd still take excuses to stop. So finally, Kara handed me the dressage whip.

Roman tried another one of his 'I'm gonna stop' stunts on the very next pass, and I tapped him lightly. But he was in some kind of mood. Now, I'd been told that despite his lethargic behavior, he's really quite a 'hot' horse when he gets going, but I'd never seen much to bear this out. Today, I did; he bucked me clear over his head in a somersault and onto my ass.

I got up again quickly, and Kara rode Roman for a lap (and he tried to buck her, too!) to calm him down. Then I got back on. It was like he'd gotten it out of his system; the rest of the lesson, we were in perfect synch (and moving at such a clip he wanted to break into a canter as we did laps). Kara was pleased both with the progress, and with the fact that I got right back up after being bucked.

Groomed him again and fed him his treats, and was rewarded by him leaning against me and wrapping me in a horsie-hug. Made sure his stall was clean, and then came home. I know I'm going to have a spectacular bruise tomorrow -- and I think painkiller and a hot soak before bed are a definite necessity -- but I'm still grinning from how well the latter part of the lesson went.


Well done! you're going to get the best of this horse yet.... and he'll like it, what's more....

And FWIW, I *like* the alliteration.
Kara thinks this pairing has done both of us good. My stance, balance and cues have improved immensely on Roman, and as for Roman, his coat is shinier, he's less twitchy in his stalls, and he's lost some serious pudge he had put on because I /do/ make him go and exercise. So we're pretty much together for the long haul.
Aaaawe! You're first buck!

Tee-hee. :D

That's awesome though that things went really well after that. And way to go on getting back on! Yehaw! :D
My whole left leg from the knee up is one big bruise. Not serious, but just... ow. Still, I'm going to go in to the stables again tomorrow to visit 'em all. :)

Well, not yay for bruises.. but you know what I mean. Yay for going back out to see 'em.

And, the bruise is a battle scar! Take a picture, it's just one of many... hehe.