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[Random] Music Recommendation

I tend to be very into my music. Inasmuch as I make playlists for various projects, things I'm writing, stuff I do (walking playlists, etc.) and so on. My creativity tends to be very auditory in nature; when I listen to music, I can envision things more clearly, and my writing (and code/problem-solving, for that matter) flows much better. So my library tends to have quite a variety of music (from J-pop to classical to musical to folk to...) in my playlists.

This week, I just picked up 'Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon,' the latest album by the Silk Road Ensemble. For those who aren't aware, the Silk Road Ensemble is the group that Yo Yo Ma put together a couple of years ago to experiment with music influenced by the traditions of the cultures along the Silk Road. The sort of music he composed and performed for the soundtrack to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. (In fact, the backup musicians there were Silk Road Ensemble, I believe.)

Anyway, I've liked Silk Road Ensemble's earlier stuff, but Beyond the Horizon blows it out of the water. It's definitely music I'm going to listen to for a writing project I want to do later. If you liked the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack at all, I /really/ cannot stress enough how good this album is. I particularly love 'Distant Green Valley' and 'The Mountains are Far Away.'

The album, for iTunes-using friends, is available from the iTunes Music Store, along with bonus tracks. For Rhapsody-using friends, it's in Rhapsody (minus bonus tracks).
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