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[Geek] STEAM!

So, tonight was daddy/daughter night, and my father and I went to see the subtitled version of Steamboy. I enjoyed it a lot, which I'm certain is a /big/ shock to people who know my Jules Verne fanaticism and steampunk fetish. Now, I'm dead tired and about to sleep, but here are a few observations.

1) Subtitles? Good. Plus, a nice chance to practice my Japanese.

2) Close the valves, Ray!

3) Philosophy? No. Deep plotline? No. Pulp adventure? Most definitely. Think Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow level of plot depth, but done as animated steampunk. Me? Happy. :)

4) No male member of the Steam family should be allowed near a laboratory. This is for the good of humanity.

5) The pressure's too high! Close valve 18 in Unit 7!

6) Scarlett reminds me of a character someone played in a roleplaying game about two years ago, who my character interacted quite a bit with.

7) Sunrise and Production I.G., how we love your use of rotoscoping.

8) Was it just me, or was there an entire sequel story told through those montage boards at the ending credits?


10) Never invite American arms dealers to London, unless you want high levels of property damage.

11) It's going to explode! Release the pressure! OPEN THE VALVES!

...ahem. Me sleep now. :)

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