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Ex Libris

[Writing] Insomniac Muse!

There's nothing quite like going to bed, only to leap up at 3:00am with a story idea which DEMANDS to be written. Even as silly as it was.

Two hours, and 1500 words, later, the story is done and I'm going to go sleep. I'll have a couple folks read over it tomorrow to see what they think, since it might need a bit of tweakery.

In the meantime? Zzzz....

(Come to think of it, that subject line is a good topic for a story, too.)


May I read it?

Pretty pretty please? ^.^

Re: May I read it?

Can you read PDFs? That's what I always store my stories as.

Re: May I read it?

Yes I can. I have an acrobat reader! Yay! ^.^
Oooh, a vorpal plot bunny. Dontcha just hate those?
'Insomniac Muse'. Heh. That makes me think of a comedic take on the ancient Greek muses, like George Alec Effinger did in his novelization of 'Zork'.

The main character runs into the Muse of Modern Science Fiction. She wears a dress in the greek style (that she bought at Bloomingdale's) and smokes heavily. She was filling in for her sister, the Muse of Fantasy Literature, who was ill that week. She explains very carefully that in ancient Greece, nine muses were enough. In the modern era, there are so many weird art forms, they're up to something like three hundred.
Yeah, something like that. :)