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[General] Fey's Visit Post-Mortem

So, shadowfey arrived last Tuesday to visit, and I took her to the airport today. It was a good long visit; we went to some nice restaurants, visited various stores, drove down to Portland, and watched lots of forensics shows.

Driving to Portland proved to be a bit interesting, though; I caught some kind of nasty cold/flu crud and succumbed on the way down, feeling as sick as a dog by the time we got there. Fey seemed not to have given in, but by the time we came back I had mostly shaken it off, and Fey was just about ready to keel over. She spent the last few days of her visit miserably sick, coughing up gunk and living on tea. :(

We did, in other news, pick up a tarot deck for me. Aside from the jokes that due to my gypsy ancestry it's only right that I know how to tell fortunes, tarot cards are surprisingly useful for coming up with plot twists around specific characters, both in writing and in online roleplay. I've tried my hand at using them as a writing tool a little bit today, and I tried a reading before, and it's actually not that hard. And the deck is /gorgeous/.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep soon myself, since I think I've come down with what Fey's cold/flu/whatever turned into. Not as badly, but just sort of leaving me drained as my body fights it off. Ugh.
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