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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[Random] Girl Genius goes webcomic...?

Well, I've seen various webcomics go into printed format. But it seems a lot less common that a print-format comic changes over to a webcomic format. But that's precisely what's happening with Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio, one of the few printed comics I follow. It's a great comic, with mad steampunk science and sarcastic humor, and insane adventures.

They will still be putting out the collections, once a year. (And I'll need to replace my individual issues with collections anyway, so the set matches.) But in the meantime, Agatha and Gil and the others are moving to a webcomic format, at http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/

It'll be... interesting, I guess. I really do like Girl Genius -- along with Mark Oakley's 'Thieves & Kings,' it's one of my two favorite comics -- and I sort of always enjoyed laying down to read an issue at a time. There's something nice about holding a brand new issue of it and getting to flip through. But now, in theory, it should update faster and -- as Kaja said in her blog -- will save on dead trees.

It /will/ be nice to get more story soon, at least, since the last few issues have left us on some rather nasty little cliffhangers. And they'll be putting all the previous issues up in the archives on the webcomic site, it sounds like!


Well good.

I guess.
Sounds like your opinion's similar to mine. It's a good thing -- more updates and all -- but a bad thing because it's that much longer between bits of Girl Genius you can actually hold in your hand and lay down on a bed or couch to enjoy.
Yeah. It was kind of a reason to look forward to going into Anchorage (a long drive) (there are no comic shops in the valley).

Are they doing this because of problems with their regular printer? Or is it just an... experiment?
kajablog has the details.
Coolness. Thanks.
you can actually hold in your hand and lay down on a bed or couch to enjoy.

Isn't that what my Epson LQ-570+ ESC/P2 is for? Admittedly, if there's color or much shading, that might be a very noisy solution. Then again, I'm sitting on my bed (which I use as a couch, too) right now. So yes, I quite often read webcomics while laying in bed. (My Mitsubishi 36" CRT monitor probably helps too, come to think of it...) :P
It's not quite the same thing, though. It's the same reason I prefer real books to eBooks; sure, I /can/ read eBooks on my PDA or my laptop, or even (in some cases) print them out. But I like having a nice bound copy right there, which I can stick a bookmark into and lay aside, or stuff into my satchel and carry with me, or whatever.
No, someone else made a Krosp plush and gave it to Phil and Kaja at Norwescon.