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Idle Challenge!

Okay. So Jen has suggested that the Bug needs a name. The Volvo, for example, was Bonaparte...named after the Dominion Tank Police tank which had a leather interior. (The Volvo was, after all, a tank with a leather interior!)

So, I'm going to ask friends to post suggested names for the Bug (shown here)...after a while, I'll take the best five or so and put them into an LJ poll to let people vote on it. Yes, that's vaguely pathetic, but I haven't got any better ideas. :)

Glenn and a different Jen (neither of whom has LJ) already each made a suggestion.

Glenn's was 'Feature' -- complete with a vanity license plate. As in, "It's not a Bug, it's a..."
Jen's was 'Scarab' because a Scarab is an opalescent bug.
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