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FF Sparks (Casual)

Idle Challenge!

Okay. So Jen has suggested that the Bug needs a name. The Volvo, for example, was Bonaparte...named after the Dominion Tank Police tank which had a leather interior. (The Volvo was, after all, a tank with a leather interior!)

So, I'm going to ask friends to post suggested names for the Bug (shown here)...after a while, I'll take the best five or so and put them into an LJ poll to let people vote on it. Yes, that's vaguely pathetic, but I haven't got any better ideas. :)

Glenn and a different Jen (neither of whom has LJ) already each made a suggestion.

Glenn's was 'Feature' -- complete with a vanity license plate. As in, "It's not a Bug, it's a..."
Jen's was 'Scarab' because a Scarab is an opalescent bug.


NYA! Catreece!
"Ask me any question you want, Catreece." "How many episodes of the Munsters were there?" "72! Uhm...why do I know that?"

Though I must say, Reality Check has one of my all-time favorite quotes in it. "HELP! Someone! I locked myself out of the house and my cat is destroying the Internet!!"

*laugh* I wish I had more than just the first volume's worth *mourn* I loved that comic. It was so wonderful. I had such a hard time getting hold of it, too. It's one of the few things the ex-roomie (the gay, closeted one) didn't take when he moved out, and it was his to begin with (the store only had one copy, he got to it first). Ha to him.

Being a Final Fantasy: Unlimited fan...

(The anime, in this case, anyway)
I suggest "Chobi". Sadly, your car is black, not yellow.

Re: Being a Final Fantasy: Unlimited fan...

Actually, it's a deep blue which has purple and green shimmering highlights to the color in sunlight. As I said, the pictures don't do the color justice. :)
Ooo. Pretty! Sadly, I cannot think of names right now. But still; pretty!
'Dacschund'. It's short, stubby, and German.
Skuld. Because it beats all the other other Bugs.


I hate you for thinking of this first.

HOW LONG did I play Urd opposite Rach's Skuld? HOW LONG?

<wanders away grumbling>

Re: ...

*laugh!* I actually like that. Having played Skuld before, it appeals to me...and I have a plushie Skuld I could use for interior decor!

On the other hand, naming your car after the anime patron deity of programmers, the one who debugs the computer running the universe...there's got to be some 'geek factor' in that, I think. ;P :)

Re: ...

I do know that I remember seeing a photo somewhere of a New Beetle with the license plate "Feature" a while back. Not that it diminishes from the coolness of the plate, of course!

And millenia ... you had your chance. (points up there to the earlier entry) :D
Hee. My friend Paul's bug is named Feature.

Scarab is nifty. But hm. You know I'm bad at naming cars. Mine's Marthe.

But a better question: is the car male or female? :) Sometimes driving it a bit helps...

And yes. Every Bug requires a name. Join a Beetle club in Seattle. They'll tell you.