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Nina, Anime

[Art] Edward Elricon (ha ha)

A while ago I offered someone that I could do Ed and Al icons for Mac OS X for his two drives. I haven't finished Al -- work and a houseguest and stuff and plus, Al's a heck of a lot harder to shade properly -- but I did finish an Ed based on the earlier artwork I had toyed with. (Yay, vector art.)

I needed something to test the .icns file with, so I set it as the icon for my iPod. (Hey, it's small but powerful. Somehow, it fit.)

As you can see, Ed scales (reasonably) nicely to all the Mac OS X ICNS key sizes (128x128, 64x64, 32x32, 16x16). He looks pretty good at the default desktop size, too.

He can actually be output in /any/ size I choose, because the original is pure vector art. I've become quite fond of Microsoft Expression 3 for Mac. It's not advertised, but it's an answer to Adobe Illustrator (and really quite excellent, if not quite as all featureful as Illustrator; it does strokes and other things far better than AI does). They bought it from the creators in order to use the vector/stroke algorithms in the tablet PC stuff, but haven't sold Expression 3 anymore. Until they figure out what to do with it, the Mac and Windows versions of Expression 3 are free for anyone to download, and well worth it.

Hopefully Al turns out half as well. When he's done, I'll make a little package of icons and toss 'em out there for Mac OS X friends. :)


Under Windows you're SOL; it's an HFS+ (OS X filesystem) feature to be able to set custom icons on volumes. An NTFS volume -- including a Windows-formatted iPod -- simply doesn't have anywhere to store that sort of extended information.

There /are/ hacks to change the iPod boot screen, but they're not worth it unless you have the iPod Photo and thus a color screen. ;)
If you do that, just let me know and I'll scale Ed appropriately for you. :)
Or to explain it better, under Mac OS X, where all the drives and volumes appear on the desktop when mounted, you can set a custom icon. When I mount my iPod, it shows up on my desktop as 'Hagane no iPod' with an icon of Ed. When I mount my external drive, it shows up as 'Sephirot' with a little cartoon tiger (because I run my Mac OS X 10.4, 'Tiger,' beta builds off of there), and so on.

If I mount a Windows formatted device, such as my memory card for my camera, I just see the generic 'Removable Media' icon and the name (such as 'MAINCARD' or whatever); Windows drives can only store volume names in all caps, and cannot store custom icons.

If that helps clarify?
Well, I know with my thumbdrive it shows a custom icon when I mount it in Win2000, I made a file called autorun.inf with 2 lines in it -


and, of course, had the corresponding icon file there, too. I think MacOS handles autorun icons in CD-roms, right? So shouldn't it work on whatever drive-likie things you mount?

(disclaimer, I could be wrong, but if I am it shouldn't break anything...)
Yes, but not everywhere in /Windows/ supports the autorun.inf icon trick. Granted, I hadn't considered that on an NTFS/FAT32 format iPod, you could probably try that; you're right that it would probably work.

But Windows icons are so dinky and LITTLE, compared to the lovely 128x128 alpha-masked eye-candy that a Mac OS X icon is...
Ooh, sweet! Was wondering when you'd get to that. :>
I'm also tempted to suggest you do a few other characters, for various sizes of devices/drives--say, Nina, Mustang, Armstrong, Scar, etc...


But for my purposes, Al and Ed are the important ones. Ed looks great.
...you're an evil man. Evil.

That said, Roy Mustang would have to be for a CD burner (get it? Burner? ha ha.), and I'm pretty sure Armstrong would be for a photo printer... ;)

Seriously, though, Ed only took an evening; I've discovered that vector art is pretty intuitive. I'm just having a devil of a time figuring out how to shade and line armor-Al properly. Glad you like Ed, though! I'm pretty pleased with how he came out.
Honestly? He surpasses my expectations--and that's even with my assuming you'd do a pretty good job. :>