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Riding, Roman

[Riding] Roman in the Rough

(Eventually, someday, I'll stop alliterating Roman's name in my riding post subject lines.)

So, for a couple weeks, I'm the only one in my class. Today, I not only arrived early (despite horrible traffic), but the class ahead of me was empty too. Given that it was sunny out, a lovely day, and Roman was in surprisingly high spirits, Kara suggested that instead of ring work, we do a trail ride.

The stables I ride are are right literally on the edge of Bridle Trails park, which is a 480+ acre park here in the Seattle area since the 1880's. It's a lowland forest which is undeveloped, save for riding trails through the park and several arenas where local shows are held. It's really lovely. There are also trails with jumping logs laid out and so on, though -- to Roman's disappointment -- we avoided those.

Anyway, we rode around on the trails, and Roman was well-behaved save for a burning desire to eat all the vegetation in reach. ("It's a giant salad bar! Would you walk through a donut factory and not want to eat things?!") It certainly is a different situation remaining properly balanced while picking your way down a hillside!

A good, largely uneventful lesson; I used the opportunity to work on my posture, keeping my ankles down and my back straight and all that. Kara noted that when she was younger, she did the same thing on the trails, since the horses will generally more or less guide themselves and you can work on the balance and posture with less distraction, but with it being a great deal less boring for the horse than a lunge line lesson.

A bit sore, though!