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[Horses] 'Tack for Iraq'

Because of the Bedouin heritage in the Iraqi culture, the Iraqi National Herd was of great importance. It was the combined, shared national herd of horses which -- in the Bedouin culture -- symbolized that they were one people, one nation.

Of all the many, many horses in the herd, only 19 remain. All the rest were killed in the bombing of Baghdad, when the National Herd facility was struck with a Tomahawk missile.

The US 1st Cavalry Soldiers are trying desperately to care for the remaining horses and construct a new facility, understanding the importance of this herd, but the military is not giving them the funds for it. They have shoddy, second-rate tack, poor equipment, and what they /do/ have they've bought out-of-pocket.

As such, there's an effort underway to purchase and send over high quality equipment for the effort. The 'Tack for Iraq' effort is at http://www.soquilicenter.org/arab.htm -- they have an itemized list of the latest needs, pictures of the surviving horses (some of which made me want to weep), and so on there.

It seems a worthwhile outreach effort -- both as a symbol of peace /and/ to try and help some horses who desperately need it. So I figured I'd toss this up here, in case others wanted to make contributions or pass it around, or just generally check it out.
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