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[Riding] Roman Renewed!

Yes, I know the horse post is late; I got a last-minute call and ended up at someone's house for four hours after riding. :)

My first clue that today was going to be an interesting day, grooming-wise, was when I looked into Roman's stall and didn't see Roman... until I realized the gigantic pile of sawdust and wood shavings in one corner of the stall was, in fact, my trusty steed. Evidently, the pasture had still been wet from yesterday's rain, and Roman had quite cheerily matted quite a bit of it into his coat... then come inside and, still wet, rolled happily around in his fresh new bedding. It was so thick that one of the kids wrote 'Groom Me!' in the sawdust on Roman's coat when I was turned around to get the curry comb, just like people write 'Wash Me!' on dirty cars.

Once in the ring, Roman balked again... but this time it was more like it was for show. I didn't really have to use the riding crop at all, and we got up to a trot. We got a lot of trotting in, and then even trotted through an obstacle course before the end. In fact, Roman decided to canter at one point, since I was telling him to go fast; it was unexpected, and startling, but a surprising amount of fun. Now I look forward to cantering when I'm /supposed/ to...

In all, a rewarding session.

Afterwards, he got groomed and given his coat enhancer treatment, given a Mrs. Pasture's cookie, and put back in his stall. I visited Chester and Coalby as per usual, and was liberally drooled upon.

The one bit of neat news is that Jennifer Crooks, the Irish co-owner of the stable I ride at, went to the Nations Cup just recently for the Irish team... and the Irish won! This is one step closer to her dream of riding for Ireland in the Olympics, and everyone at the stable is very jubilant and happy for her. :)
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