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[Writing] Passing of a Legend

Andre Norton
February 17, 1912 - March 17, 2005

Though her condition was on an upswing, it was not to last; in the wee, dark hours of the night last night, SF and fantasy's Grand Dame passed away peacefully in her sleep attended by Sue Stewart, her caregiver.

At lunch only yesterday, V. and I were discussing SF giants of decades past; those who wrote fiction which introduces you to the genre (but which is best not to re-read later lest you destroy childhood memories), and those who wrote timeless fiction. The Grand Dame herself came up in the discussion, because how could it be complete without her?

Those of you on SFF (or who know SFF'ers), Julie Czerneda and Elizabeth Moon both have threads in their NGs commemorating her life and work in their discussion groups, sharing anecdotes about her, or stating how she influenced you.
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