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[General] Fremont Sunday Walk

So, with the lovely (if slightly warm!) weather lately, I've started trying to find a nice routine for exercise on Sunday, and I've finally nailed it.

I walk from my house down to Stone Way, along Stone to the Gypsy Trader (a really strange consignment shop, the place where I found that Indonesian dagger, as well as having found all kinds of neat vintage clothing, antique radios, and so on). Story ideas galore, plus it's just fun to browse.

Once I'm done with the Gypsy Trader, if I'm really hungry, I walk either to the Subway or a bit further to the Essential Baking Company's little café, and get a bite to eat before continuing on. If not, I just continue on my way.

Next stop is walking along the Fremont waterfront to Peet's Coffee, where I grab a chai, either to go (and keep walking) or to stay, and work a little on writing. After Peet's, I stop in at PCC for a bit of fresh fruit -- an apple, a plum, or something -- and continue on my way into the Fremont Sunday Market.

The Market is best described as an old style bazaar. Imagine a streetfair crossed with a flea market; crafters with tables of their wares, side by side with street-market food and drink, with tables of odds and ends, forgotten treasures and battered antiques, fortunetellers and haberdashers, jewelers and potters and carvers all hawking their wares. The Market happens every Sunday in Fremont once the weather is warm enough, and even if I rarely buy stuff I do love just walking through, browsing, and chatting with the merchants and crafters. Yet more story ideas, and even more just general fun.

After the Market, I turn and walk back into Fremont proper, passing by Roxy's as I turn to head back towards my house. If I didn't stop at Essential (or grab a bite at PCC), I stop at Roxy's for a bite to eat. Once done there, I continue on past Lenin Square (a triangular bit of public park with a statue of Lenin, and a gourmet gelato parlor) and Dad Watson's microbrewery, past the building wearing a giant beanie (no, I'm not kidding; the tower has a beanie on it... this is Fremont, after all) and up the Hill of Death to the troll. The troll, of course, is right at the end of my own block, so from there it's home again.

Anyway, consider this an open invitation to local folks; if you want to do this Sunday walk with me at any time, just let me know a bit in advance. My dad's joining me next week, and V. might join me for it sometime in the next few weeks. The weather's so lovely lately, it's a shame not to share the experience!
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