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[Riding] Roman the Pill

I arrived at the stables early enough to help with a few things; Kara had just brought in a few other horses, two of whom needed their hooves picked out, and one of whom (Coalby) needed a complete grooming. Coalby was fairly well-behaved for her grooming, though got skittish when some of the parents came through the barn. Then it was time for my lesson.

Wow. Roman was a real pill today. Probably partly because I was out of town and didn't get to visit him on Saturday like usual, and mostly because he was ridden for two lessons in a row. (Unfortunate scheduling, but there was an injury, and Roman's athletic enough to handle two lessons in a row easily.)

He would turn on a dime, he would even back up, but he would NOT go forward, at all. He was having none of this. I managed to get him up to a trot without using anything more than cues (and a few good, "C'mon, Roman, WORK with me here?!" exclamations), but he really made me fight him for it, and he wouldn't maintain speed. (Usually once we get to a trot, the battle's done for the day and we work well for the rest of the lesson.)

We did, however, work on tracks after a bit of trotting practice, on a miniature hunter/jumper course Kara set up. This, he did fine on, though he refused to really 'walk' so much as 'amble casually' over the poles. We got precisely over the middle of the poles in each case, so that was good.

Really, despite the frustration of some parts of the lesson, it was also really rewarding; Roman can turn on a dime, even standing in place, and I can steer him almost without thinking about it by now even though I still have to push him to get any acceleration. And when I got off at the end of the lesson, he was extremely affectionate, making it clear he was worried over the fact that I hadn't been in over the weekend.

I do love that horse, even if sometimes he makes me want to tear my hair out!
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