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Glare, Grouchy

[Politics] The Hypocrisy of Pro-Life Activists

This came up in a discussion on one of the writer groups I'm part of; it's a couple of years old, but still valid, and I felt it's a worthwhile bit to read. The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion.


Hypocrisy in all its forms bothers me. And this sort, for a variety of reasons, especially so.

What has always boggled me is the fact that so many people don't seem to understand that you can be both against abortion and pro choice.
YES! Thank you.

As an individual, I don't like abortion.

But as a rape victim, as well as someone with an eye on rights (and one deeply disturbed by the idea of making laws requiring a woman to give up control of her own body for nine months), I will defend to my dying breath someone's right to make that choice, even if it's a choice I would never be able to make myself and would personally counsel others against.
Okay. Mind is blown.
This kind of thing just infuriates me. I'm nearly foaming at the mouth as I read it.
Something as intensely personal as abortion will naturally bring up a variety of emotions - some as simple as anger, others grief, others a great many other things. It's not an easy discussion, and honestly, I doubt it will ever be resolved. Some people will believe it should be the choice of the woman, and others will believe it shouldn't.

I almost, once, had an abortion. I didn't. I have a daughter. It's a choice I would never be able to have for myself again, now that I've seen what my child's face looks like. But on the other hand, I could never tell someone else that they couldn't. That's not my choice. That's theirs.