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FF Sparks (Techy), Geek

[Geek] iTunes Must Have Plugins

I now have a second 'Must Have' plugin for iTunes, in addition to Synergy; this one is Octiv's 'Volume Logic.' VL is available as a Mac OS X iTunes plugin, a Windows iTunes plugin, a Windows WinAmp plugin, and a few other things.

The difference it makes in sound quality is absolutely stunning.


I'll have to have you remind me of that when my Mac arrives. (I ordered it last week.)
Welcome to the cult, brother. Here's your pamphlet. ;)

More seriously, when it arrives, I will happily give you a list of must-have software for your Mac. What'd you get? Mini? (And if you got a mini and did not get at least 512M of RAM, you're going to want to do that upgrade immediately.)
Mini, 80G hard drive, 512M of RAM.
<burns> Eeeeexcellent... </burns>