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Car, Beetle

[Random] Vancouver

Whatever wonderwombat and taintedanddark tell you about my navigational skills, they lie! <zim> LIIIIIIIIIIES! FOUL LIES! THE DIB-HUMAN LIES! </zim>


It was a good day, though. Had a nice walk around Chilliwack. Went to Vancouver with FJ, met up with Mark. Had a good, long (unintentional, or so I claim) walk, which pushed me up to quite a bit of exercise today. Found the restaurant (about a half-mile back the way we'd already walked... eh heh). Had good Indian food. Went to La Casa Gelato; discovered Mark can out-indecisive FJ and I when presented with 208 ice cream flavors to choose from. Ate ice cream, while plotting online evil. Drove around more with Mark, and finally released him back into the wild after tagging hi... er, let him off at the hotel. Drove back to Chilliwack.

Much driving. Very very much driving. I drove the equivalent of back to Seattle, and then to Bellingham again.

(FJ and Mark still lie about whatever they say about my navigational skills! We were never TRULY lost!)

Alas, ariosa was feeling sick, so didn't get to meet up with us. :( (However, this means she owes me a visit in Seattle!)

Sleep now.... Zzzzz.


Sure. Any drive that reduces me to whimpering in the front seat...
You have no sense of adventure. :P
<zim> LIIIIIES! LIES, I TELL YOU! </zim>

Actually, I probably could benefit from one of those GPS mappy things. I just haven't bothered to spend the money for a decent one. I mean, really, it'd be either the Magellan RoadMate 700 or the Garmin StreetPilot 2610. Both are $$$, neither is thus a priority.