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Car, Beetle

[General] Breakin Aftermath

Well, here I am up in the Great White North. (Or, seeing as I'm in Chilliwack at present, the Great Cow-Filled North.) I did find plushie-Skuld, discarded in bushes near the car. No lasting damage, and the only thing taken was the $18 in quarters. I did make the police report, though they say it's really not likely they'll find the guy.

And really, I don't care about $18 in quarters. I'm just angry because I feel /violated/, that my car was broken into. I did have to spend a lot of time scrubbing gucky handprints off of the interior, and scrubbing the seats clean, and generally making the car presentable again, but it's back to its old self once more.

Still grumpy, though. Meeting with Josh in two weeks instead, at any rate. Grrrmph.

But tomorrow, wonderwombat and I have dinner with taintedanddark and then ariosa meets up with us afterwards, so it'll be a fun evening of socializing. Then Monday, home again.