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Glare, Grouchy

[Politics] Parenting in the Reserves

This article describes a rather depressing situation. A child custody battle where the father lived in California, and the mother (a reservist called to active duty) in Hawaii. They had joint custody of their son, but the father decided to take her to court for sole custody. She could not leave Hawaii because of her duties -- a brigadier general and Lt. Colonel both wrote notes to the court saying that they needed her in Hawaii and could not release her from her duties.

Because of her non-appearance in court, despite the letters, the judge awarded sole custody of their son to the husband, and authorized child protective services to bring the boy back by force if necessary.

Now, it's a little more complicated than that, if you read the whole story (and there's some not told there; a friend's daughter is the boy's babysitter, which is how I heard of this), but it's still a rather depressing image.


And people wondered why I didn't move to California.
Yeah. This is so bad, I'm going to leave the state immediately. Excuse me while I call U-Haul.


Alright, I've been planning to leave for four months and just finished my job yesterday. But still.
Where you going?

We had the same sort of thing happen in Atlanta.... we'd already committed to move when, a week prior to departure, the Burger King walking distance from us got held up... it's like, get me outta here NOW....

YARC - Yet Another Refugee from California

As it happens, Tacoma. I got a job offer from some anti-Phising consultants. One of my Cali friends got a job offer from Wizards of the Coast on the same day, and so we're going to get an apartment near Renton.

Considering that my previous employers got burned to the tune of $7000 dollars by a bunch of Nigerian scam artists, it seems very apropos. My co-workers told me to let them know if I ever find the guys who did it.

Re: YARC - Yet Another Refugee from California

Good luck catching the SOB's (not just that particular batch, but Phishers in general)...
Oh, and, uh, anything but Y'all-Haul. Penske, Budget, etc. but... (Apparently, Ryder got out of the one-way rental biz... :( )
Unfortunately, they're (literally) the only game in town. Because this town is tiny.