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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Haircut!

kieri asked for pictures of what my new haircut looks like, so I took one. I like this a lot better than the old halfway-down-my-back hair I had before, though I imagine I'm going to have an interesting adventure figuring out how to put it up in a riding helmet next week, since I can't just ponytail-and-bobby-pin it anymore...!


You look SO unimpressed with having your picture taken. ;)
I'll fix that!

You're so cute, Brent. ;)


But you saw her first, I guess...

* sigh *

Re: Seconded....

You have a wife!

Re: Seconded....

True. I love her many bunches.

I'm not a Catholic--I'm a agnostic pagan ;) . I can lust in my heart and not even have to go to confession! ;)
Looks nice.
Thanks! (And hey, now you have a mental image of someone to go with the LJ handle.)
Yup. And you actually look a little like ashkitty.
You know the most ironic thing about that? The only picture of Ashkitty I've ever seen is of her dressed as Ginny Weasley in those pics with you dressed as Harry.

And a friend assessed this picture as "in that picture you look like an older Ginny Weasley, after she's just been told that Harry eloped with Cho Chang."
Technically I'm not sure that's ironic, just coincidental. ;>
You're right, actually, but at 2am -- or whatever ungodly hour it was that I noticed that comment and replied -- I reserve the right to misuse vocabulary. :)
That's so great! You look so much thiner than your other pictures!!! Wonder if its the haircut or yourself. Hee
It's probably the fact that I've lost about 25 pounds, and am aiming to lose another 25, to get myself back to the weight I used to be. :)
何? o.O

(Or so I'm guessing.)
ああ、そうですね。 ありがとう。
Не за что.