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FF Sparks (Casual)


I got the car I got the car I got the car! It's beautiful shiny opalescent blue with a cream leather interior and an 8 speaker sound system (I go back next week to get the CD changer put in) and a sunroof and...

...a 10 year bumper-to-bumper warranty with a $0 deductable. If anything goes wrong with the car for the next 10 years, I can take it to any VW dealer anywhere in the US or Canada and they will fix it for me, for free! They'll replace dinged windshields, fix engine troubles, anything. And the warranty transfers with the car, so if I ever sell it to anyone they're still covered.

WHEE! Anyway, pictures forthcoming tomorrow; it's too dark to take the digicam out for any GOOD pictures tonight.


Yeeeha! I look forward to seeing it. Someday. ;) That's wonderful.
Well, when it's light out tomorrow I plan to take pictures. :)
Wow, didja do the upgrade on that? I know they come with a 4 year bumper-to-bumper now. Mine's just got the two, but ah well. I still have the long powertrain... but didn't buy it outright so in another couple of years or so... new buggy!

Unless, of course, they make my purple convertible.

But Yay! We are converting everyone to VWs. Slowly. It's a sickness. Just you wait...
Yah, I did the ten-year upgrade. I also got a bunch of the protective coatings for it. I want my pretty bug looking as good as it does now for a long time. :)

Besides, the ten-year warranty seemed well worth it. Ten years, /any/ problem, fixed for free...PLUS 24-hour roadside assistance /and/ something called 'trip insurance'. Namely, if I go on a road trip and something happens and the car breaks down, VW will take it to fix it and will pay for food and lodging (since the trip budgeting would have been thrown off) until the car is fixed. That just... it blew me away. THAT is customer service. That is what makes me want to tell friends to get VWs. :)

Plus, they gave me a full tank of gas in the car before I drove it away, and just little touches like that. :)
Oh yeah, the roadside assistance thing is pretty darn cool. Have another year or so of that on mine, I think -- not that I've ever needed it!

Hope yours has as good a track record as mine has. Some folks have trouble, but I've hard nary a rattle -- biggest problems have been a noisy windshield wiper and the headlight going out. And /that/ was a free replacement. Yay.


Awesome! Congrats, that's so cool.

I used to work for a local VW oldsmobile branch, as filing, answering phones, and other stuff. They let me test drive VWs for fun. :D I loved them.

Re: Yeeha!

This one is a limited edition called 'Riviera Blue Pearl'. Only 2500 VW Beetles are being made in this color...and it's SO gorgeous! They have trouble finding them and keeping them in stock, because they're in such demand with the dealers.

It handles like a DREAM. And I love having a sound system that actually WORKS, so I can hear stereo tapes without half of it going away.