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[Meme] Ten Things

The 'Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't' meme.

1) Lived through a plane crash.

2) Eschewed the 'Lazer Maya' show done on the side of Chichen Itza's Grand Castillo in favor of watching the stars from the rooftop of an ancient Mayan building over in the Old City with some local archaeologists.

3) Been the on-call computer person in high school for Bill Gates' neighbor at the time (who was, in a twist I still find amusing to this day, a devout Mac user).

4) Written an entire science fiction novel at age 8. (No, it wasn't published, yes, I still have it -- my mother found it when we were cleaning up the house -- and no, you can't read it. I didn't say it was a /good/ science fiction novel.)

5) Known a good friend of your father's, a calm and quiet man, who after having been a friend of the family for years simply snaps and makes an attempt to kill a rival lawyer.

6) Met multiple Revolutionary War ghosts, in the same building, with others present.

7) Designed and built a robotic snail in jr. high school. (I still have him. His name is Escargot.)

8) Along with your best friend, filled a hollow imitation Barbie doll with magnesium powder, dressed her in a bathing suit, and laid her out on a little beach set before setting her on fire. (We were 11. We told bewildered passers-by that 'Charbie' was suffering from UV exposure, and reminded them to wear their sunscreen. Have I mentioned that I was an odd child?)

9) Practiced another language solely to read a set of fantasy novels which no one had (irritatingly) bothered to translate.

10) Created a spur-of-the-moment, somewhat haphazard fictional world, and had it be so successful that even years later the old tabletop group pressures to have the campaign restarted. (And wins.)
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