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Working, Desk

[Writing] Another Illness

On the heels of Jack L. Chalker's illness and death, the science fiction and fantasy community now sees another light flickering. Andre Norton, the Grand Old Lady herself, has just recently been admitted to the hospital. She's listed in critical condition, and as she's over 90 years old, any illness is serious.


Gurk. Wellllll.. *crosses fingers*

Although, morbid as this is, at least she is old and has had a good life. Jack Chalker was too young.

But it's sad as the legends start to age.
She lives near me.
Fritz Leiber (1992)
Roger Zelazny (1995)
Isaac Asimov (1992)

Yeah. It won't get any easier. (That list would be longer, but I have a terrible headache, and need to get on with this.)

But on a positive note, Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellson both still live. Both are my favorites.


I Love her stories! Noooo....they can't all go! Who else would be left?