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Riding, Roman

[Riding] Recalcitrant Roman

I'm very tired, and didn't get around to posting this earlier, so I'll post a relatively short summary.

Roman was a bit odd today; he got up to speed faster than usual, but he would drop out at the slightest chance. I did warm him up with more variety than usual, doing figure eights and wandering around the jumps.

We did get in a good amount of trotting, but it was difficult at times! When we started riding in patterns over ground poles, Roman would deliberately trot up to the ground pole, stop, walk over it, and then go back to a trot. It was extremely annoying, because I know he was doing it deliberately! However, the final two rounds over the poles, he did give in and do as I wanted, so that's progress.

Spent time with Coalby and Chester too, of course. Spoke with Kara about a few more exercises to try, and a good book or two to pick up for reading.