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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[Technical/Legal] Graaurgh.

Okay, so for some time I've hosted Westeros.org, which is a site devoted to George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series. GRRM himself contributes to the site, and the husband and wife team who run the site have been able to work on a number of related ASoIaF projects because of GRRM's endorsing them. When he was in town for a signing, he thanked me in person for providing the hosting for the site. I know that he's aware of it and approves of it.

Now, there's a bunch of folks out there, who enjoy mocking what they consider badly written descs (descriptions) from online games. One desc they grabbed ages ago belongs to one of the two who runs Westeros.org. To try and stop them from mocking it, she called copyright infringement on their reposting of her desc, and they've decided that this requires a personal vendetta. And it's time for that fun cycle once more; I'm getting nice little denial-of-service attacks against my server, and (rather weak) threats that the server will be shut down for copyright infringement. (Hello, the author /thanked me/ for hosting the site. I don't think he's going to lodge a copyright complaint. Grrmph.)

Anyway, there are a few denial-of-service attempts being fired off, so if I'm distracted tonight, I'm probably dealing with making certain all my traffic shaping rules and security patches are current just in case. Whoo-ha. I am ever so impressed with humanity in general tonight, grrrmph. :P


Love to see your ruleset once you're done tweaking it; I may be getting a server with quite the bandwidth soon, and I figure a ruleset that will survive an Academy-Award-spawned slashdotting would be a great place to start...
My 'Slashdot Survival' code is actually a set of (pretty weird) modifications to Apache as well as a firewall ruleset. I don't use the same method anymore, but what I used to do was segment a high-traffic domain onto its own IP address, and then had code that watched the traffic usage to the site. If it hit a certain point, it cut it off... and then used overflow bandwidth for a limited number of connections (hence the Apache modifications), but gave preferences to other sites. The logic was actually rather tangled, but the end result was that the site would get SLOW under heavy loads, but never go completely unavailable, and the other sites remained available at a reasonable speed.

It required a FreeBSD kernel module I wrote, as well as a scary ipfw ruleset, and an Apache modification... so I don't use that method anymore, now that I'm under Linux. Now I just have better CPU balancing, and a bigass upstream pipe. ;)
Morons like that are what made the term 'hacker' a 'dirty word'.
Oh, for god's sake. They're still on that? Exactly how long ago was that desc first posted?
Wasn't this the twit that ToSed WORA to ezboard because she was mad over her desc being made fun of, and got their entire board deleted?

Because if it is... gee, looks like what goes around comes around. It does suck that you're the one having to guard the server against DoS attacks, which are not okay - especially since you didn't have anything to do with the original dispute. But it doesn't surprise me at all that someone who gets an entire discussion forum shut down because they didn't like what was being said, should find their website under attack. I have a hard time summoning sympathy for her, though like I said it does suck for you.

Yes, the copyright infringement accusations are retarded, but no more so than the original accusations by whatever-the-chick's-name-was.
This is an odd outlook on the situation, no offense.

Saying "what goes around comes around" in this situation is like saying, well...

Imagine that someone gets into an argument with some other folks who are mocking them. So she goes to the community center where the folks meet, and gets them kicked out. Yeah, a stupid overreaction, and I still think the whole thing is ridiculous. But anyway. So these folks want vengeance... so they go do drive-bys and shoot at the windows of her landlady's house.

This is 'what goes around coming around'?

Not in my book, personally. That justification exists in the same world as Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and increased terror alerts. I.e., an excuse to make folks feel justified in doing whatever they want.
I'm not saying it's right to do a drive-by shooting or a DoS attack. I'm only saying that, if someone behaves like an ass, eventually it's going to come back around and bite them in their own nether regions. You're right, it's wrong and it's not justified or just, but it's not surprising either. That's all I was saying.