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Vroom vroom!

In other, happier news, I leave shortly to go try and fill out the financing paperwork for the car I want. Everyone wish me luck...I really want this car. :)

It's a VW New Beetle; it's a limited edition, too. A nifty color called Riviera Blue Pearl, a deep opalescent blue that has these green and purple shimmers in it. Comes with every option - sunroof, upgraded sound system, cream leather interior - for not much more than normal because it's a limited edition. It's soooo pretty!! And I really want a car that isn't a beat up 'college-student beater' type car for once. I want a car that was mine from the get-go...I make $75k/yr, I no longer live in a dinky apartment, I should darn well be able to afford a nice car which has a warranty.

Besides. It's cute, and it drives really well. And it's pretty! :)

Yes, I love this car. Wish me luck!
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