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[General] Good Weekend

It's been a good weekend thus far, despite oversleeping. Went to the stables and groomed Roman, gave him another coat of the EquiSentials coat enhancer, gave him a snack, and visited with Coalby and Chester. I was, as Kara puts it, "much adored and much a-drooled" by Coalby, and my shirt is a true disaster awaiting laundering. Also watched a jumping lesson being done on Ladd, and met a woman who rides in lessons with the other student who's kept with Roman -- few do more than a week or two on him, but he's been on Roman for over a year -- and she exclaimed "so YOU'RE his other rider, the one who's been keeping his coat so shiny. We've been commenting on how beautiful he looked lately!"

After that I hurried back home, since FJ is staying here overnight before a cousin's wedding tomorrow, and stopped at Peet's to pick up a chai latté, and the clerk paused to ask me "Aren't you the person who sits here and writes a lot?" I said I was, and she asked, "Do you have a second copy of your story? Lars took it home with him for the weekend, and I just picked it up to start reading and now I can't find out what happens next!" That was rather gratifying. :)

Arrived home just before FJ arrived, as she showed up early. Went out to do dinner with her parents before they continued on their way, and ate good Chinese food. Traffic kind of sucked, but made it home and picked up Bright Young Things to watch on the way back.

Sure, there were downsides -- sleeping in, bad traffic, the fact that I have a shirt nearly ruined by Coalby's drool -- but overall, I feel very content with the day. :)
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