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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Writing] Farewell, Jack L. Chalker

From his family's website:

    As of 11:12AM Friday, February 11th, 2005, Jack Lawrence Chalker has now passed away and is now in a greater place. We thank all that have kept Jack in his thoughts and prayers.

A number of the SFF.net/SFWA folks had gotten together and chipped in money to help pay Jack L. Chalker's medical bills, which had been prohibitive to his family over the last few months, ever since he fell suddenly and seriously ill. The whole tale of his medical ordeal is heart-wrenching; for instance, at some point in late December, he failed to get enough oxygen, giving him brain damage enough to send him into a vegetative state. In that sense, his final passing comes as a blessing.

A number of folks have referred to Jack L. Chalker as 'old guard,' and noted that whether or not you liked his books, he really loved the genre. He would happily go hang out with fans, without ever introducing himself, to hear unbiased opinions of what they thought of modern SF. He would encourage and help young writers to build their careers.

I never met him, but I read his books when I was much younger, so he touched me in that way. And there have been many stories about him shared on the writer discussion groups over the past few months. From everything I can see, he's a presence who will be sorely, and greatly, missed.


Dammit. I was afraid that was coming. :(
Was it that the ICU didn't give him enough oxygen, or that his brain was not getting enough?
I remembered it in his wife or son's blog (not the one I linked to) as being that the ICU didn't give him enough oxygen, but the official JLC site just says he didn't get enough.

His wife's blog just says his 'oxygen levels got too low' so I have no idea what that might mean. Unfortunately, his son got harassing comments and deleted most of his blog in response, so if I'm remembering it from there, I can't check. :(
*nodnod* Just curious if you had other information than what was posted on that link. Sucks either way. :(
Tweaked post, since I can't find the appropriate entry either way.