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Star Wands: A New Hoke

Okay. Thanks to shadowfey, who pointed me at a very frightening Harry Potter LotR parody - the URL of which I have unfortunately lost but which I am sure she will post as a comment in this to share the pain (you will literally laugh so hard it hurts) - my brain started worrying away on a scary thought.

Warning: this is clearly the product of a mind which has been lacking in sleep lately; I will lj-cut to spare you all. :)

A New Hoke

Yes. Imagine Star Wars recast in much the same way LotR was. The casting is simple!

Luke Skypotter (Harry)
Ron Solo (Ron)
Chewbacca the Weasley (Fred, with George as stunt double)
Princess Leia Orgranger (Hermione)
Albus-Wan Kenobi (Dumbledore)
Darth Volder (You-Know-Who)

...and so on! You'd start out like normal...

Of course, poor Luke Skypotter inherits his father's Jedi wand, but alas Darth Volder strikes down his first teacher Albus-Wan Kenobi, and so with the help of Ron and Leia, Luke must travel to Hogobah, the planet where the only remaining people who can teach him to be a true Jedi wizard are. It would just sort of degenerate from there.

And no, I am not going to write it...!
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