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Tools, Engineer, Genius

[Noderunner] Call for Donations?

A quick note to users of Noderunner.net (and all the hosted sites and services like Nausicaa.net, Westeros.org, OGR, etc.) -- the hosting plan, for the two machines which Noderunner needs for everything it runs, costs me $268/month ever since we went to profession colocation with professional technicians on call 24/7 if there's ever a big problem. I am perfectly happy to pay this, and will keep paying this... but it does sometimes pinch a little.

Noderunner runs out of my pocket, but donations certainly help to defray the $3168/year cost of keeping the domain going. Of all the Noderunner users, only one ever donates regularly; $10 every two or three months, which is appreciated. Seriously, though; if you use Noderunner, any of the games on Noderunner, any of the hosted sites, or whatnot, consider a PayPal donation.

You can do it to paypal@noderunner.net (business account) if you want the added security of a certified business account, though PayPal slurps a bit of the payment off in charges. Or you can donate directly on my personal PayPal account, sparks@noderunner.net, which is just a personal account but doesn't slurp a percentage.

This isn't a 'Noderunner is going away!' sort of thing, but it is a 'if you use the service, please consider tossing a few bucks towards the upkeep every now and then so I don't spend quite so much out of pocket on this' plea. ;)

Edit: Paypal does not allow free (i.e. personal) accounts to receive credit card payments because of the credit card transaction fee. If you want to donate to Noderunner by credit card directly instead of using a paypal account, you need to use the paypal@noderunner.net address; sorry, I hadn't remembered that earlier when I mentioned it. Info is here on PayPal's site.


Nah, I don't generally expect donations towards Nausicaa.net (though it is by FAR the most expensive of the sites; we've had to do data recovery on it once, and before we had this sort of bandwidth, it was the one that always generated overruns), save from the Ghiblink folks. Donations from users are /nice/, granted.

Though it is funny to think how far that site has come since Mike, Theo and I started it as a collection of a couple of summaries of the films, hosted on someone's server... or even how far it's come since we actually set up Nausicaa.net itself, originally on an old Linux box sitting under my desk.
Oh! Do... they help pay for the hard costs, then?

I'd like to help, nevertheless. If (and by that I mean when) the fambly biz becomes profitable finally, I'll send something along. (Probably by snailmail, since I don't use paypal). I just don't know when that would be.
I can offer cash now. But paypal is out. Got a P.O. box I can send money to?