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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Weekend and Life in General

It was good to have wonderwombat and ariosa visit over the weekend; I really needed to get together with folks, I think. For those who weren't aware, my uncle Arlen (well, the husband of my Aunt Midge, who is really my mother's cousin) passed away after a long battle with cancer last Thursday; hence, the comment about family stuff in a post back then. Though Midge and Arlen had moved away from the area several years ago, when I was younger he was the one who got me into hiking and woods and things like that. Even if I've lapsed in recent years, it was an important part of my childhood.

(No, this isn't a request to post a sympathy or anything; honestly, please don't. Just background as to why I've been a little more melancholy over the past few days.)

My mother, with her usual impeccable timing, called to tell me just before I left for my riding lesson. Luckily, the riding helped me clear my head and all, and spending the weekend hanging out with two of my friends also helped.

Friday, FJ and Andrea arrived without having done dinner, so we went and all got food, and then ended up settling in to watch Gilmore Girls, which Andrea had missed this week. We ended up staying up late and chatting, and then watched a little bit of Juuni Kokki, an anime I had from a couple years ago which is truly beautiful.

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and coffee and a walk, and then went out to do errands on the other side of the lake. While over there, we stopped by the stables and visited the horses, so FJ and Andrea got to meet Roman, Chester, Coalby and others (though Desi was out being ridden at the time). It was a good thing to go there, and they got to meet my instructor Kara, briefly... and see why it is I like the stables so much, and feel so relaxed there.

We got back and hung out for a while, watched some videos, generally chatted and socialized, and then went out for dinner at Hunan Wok. (BEST Chinese food, ever. We still have a 100% agreement rate on that with everyone I've ever taken there; FJ explained to Andrea that she actually has dreams about the Hunan Wok food. After eating there, Andrea says she can believe it.) We stopped by PCC for dessert, and got poor FJ some naturopathic meds for work stress.

Today, we went out for a walk, had breakfast/lunch at a good local kosher deli, wandered by Peet's for caffeine, and stopped by PCC to let Andrea pick up a few things she wanted. Came back, watched a few more vids, socialized a bit more... and then they had to head off. I do wish we'd done more, but it was sort of nice for everyone just to relax and hang out.

I think we're going to try and do getting together a couple weekends each month; if it works out, I'll go up there one weekend, and they'll come down one weekend. It probably won't end up working out that way in the long run, since it's hard to make that work as a pattern, but it really does help everyone to get out of our routine and hang out with our friends.


So, your Aunt Midge is really your Cousin-Once-Removed Midge, and Arlen was your cousin-once-removed-in-law? I am really glad you have such strong relationships in your extended family. There. See? New angle, no trite expressions of sympathy.

And... would you say Hunan Wok rocks?
You have an aunt Midge?

I have an aunt Midge! Well, Nanette, but her nickname is Midge.
I do indeed have an Aunt Midge, yes.
For the record, the best Chinese food EVER (in the US, anyway) is actually a tiny place on Murray Avenue in Pittsburgh called Zaw's. It's run by these three little old Burmese guys, everything is cooked in one wok and when you say 'make it spicy,' you better have something to cool your mouth down on hand. It's also some of the least greasy Chinese I've ever had. I would stab someone for dinner from Zaw's.