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Laptop, Apple

[Geek] Apples and Oranges

Excellent article comparing the costs of low-end Mac (Mac mini) and low-end Dell. The first paragraph alone, about these comparisons having been true for some time now, is a biiiig part of what lured me over to Mac when I realized it about a year and a half ago.


The Mac vs Wintel debacle has only recently got any actual ground to argue on, but regardless, one thing has not changed between then, and that's the shortsightedness of most any tech writers. It's nice to actually see a tech writer say 'Hey, the Mac mini rocks, but may be underpowered, depending on what you're working with.'

Personally, I either want a huge G5 (possibly dual) rig, or a huge dual AMD rig, to do more of the things I've been doing lately.

Alas, there is no Counterstrike: Source for the OSX platform, and I haven't seen much in the way of support for the G5/BSD platform from Transgaming, so if I want to play any games from Valve, I'm tied to a horrendously overpowered x86 platform to do so. And even a dual-AMD setup still comes cheaper than a dual-G5 setup does, last I checked.

Ah, in my dreams...