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Laptop, Apple

[Geek] Apples and Oranges

Excellent article comparing the costs of low-end Mac (Mac mini) and low-end Dell. The first paragraph alone, about these comparisons having been true for some time now, is a biiiig part of what lured me over to Mac when I realized it about a year and a half ago.


I agree. Mac has an style factor that you can't put into numbers. Hell, I'd be willing to sacrifice features and pay more, to get the mac style factor. ;)

But, there were two major things that stopped me from getting a mac.

1) Support - I've spent countless years learning how to fix a windows machine. ;) (This has largely become an antiquated reason, as OSX is great and I know unix well.)

2) Software - The available software for Macs just can't compare with the software for PCs.

The second issue has always been a chicken-and-egg problem though as far as I see it.
Lately, I've found that's not so much a problem. The one and only piece of software I really, truly miss from my PC, I'm writing a Mac equivalent to. :)
Trillian for Mac? (hopeful look)
No. SimpleMU for Mac.

Trillian for Mac --> Adium X

SimpleMU for Mac. If anything on the planet would get me to buy a MacMini, that would be it... (though I would be heavily tempted to just get a powerbook instead.)
It's already partly done. It's a workable alpha, but needs a lot of work before I'll call it beta. The Riverdark Studios web-board has a section devoted to Atlantis. (It's a 'Mu' client, get it? Ha ha... okay, I'm a dork.)
You're a different sort of geek. ;)

In my youth, my linux box served me well as my only machine, as all I did was MUX and MUD. ;) I guess it is all about needs. The writer of the article above made an excellent point: Macs aren't for everyone.

But, if the games moved to Mac, so would I. Both Macs and PCs can do the basics that I need - it's the entertainment that PCs support so much better.