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FF Sparks (Casual)

Strange Casting...

How exactly did I, of all people, end up playing Draco Malfoy on a Harry Potter game??

Ah, well. Oddly enough, I'm really enjoying it. :)


...*You*? Draco Malfoy?!

I know, it's hard to believe. But I'm enjoying it, Mike! Honest! And apparently I do a decent one...I've been mean to Hermione lots of times, and I've tried to trip up Harry a few times (but he never takes the bait!). But I'm good at reducing people to helpless apoplexy, apparently!


The best Draco ever. ;) Besides in the books. But damn close. Real damn close.

I'll take the bait eventually. Hrm. Cauldrons required to simmer overnight in the Dungeons potions classroom... I just know someone's going to sabotage mine. Must ...resist... temptation.. to check!

Sigh. If we had a Ron around, I could drag him along for the fun of getting caught and blowing all those points we got. ;D

Hrm. Maybe it IS best that we didn't... Decisions, decisions.

Re: Draco

If I don't see you take the bait, I may just have Crabbe or Goyle go and put a couple extra random ingredients into your cauldron ANYWAY. The classroom is so nice and conveniently on the way to or from the Slytherin lair...
One way or another, I am going to see you take a fall, Potter! ;)
Psst, Malfoy. You know you want her.

*ducks, runs away, giggling madly*


We're not going there. No! :D


Re: Nooo!

Well, I -doubt- we're going there, but still, it's fun to watch. They hate each other, MC, relax. ;) It'd only happen under circumstances the probability of which are vanishingly small, and we both know it. But hey! Maybe we'll get a -good- Ron this time!

Re: Nooo!

Gods! I hope so. I was SO discouraged with the last one. He had such promise! I bet he totally wow'd staff the first time... but lost interest.

I won't go into THAT problem. I'm still miffed that he lied. I hear Geneva's apping for Ron, which is cool.


People! There's LOTS of features and teacher slots still available! Go and try it out! It's honestly my favorite game! ;D



OMG! Patriots actually WON the SuperBowl!!! O_O There was a huge rally and parade today, too, in Boston. It was wierd. I didn't go, I went to class instead. I really could do with a Mike's Hard Lemonade right now. Or a Smirnoff Ice. Or a Midori Sour. Or a tequila shot with lime and rock salt. Or a yummy... bah. I'm really craving those silly candy like alcoholic beverages. I must be lacking something in my daily diet that's making me crave the weirdest things. Like... I would kill for a fluffer-nutter sandwich right now.

Re: Nooo!

The last one was discouraging, yeah. I'm -really- peeved he lied; for god's sake, just say 'I've been really busy, I'm sorry' and don't -lie- about it. That was silly, but ah, well, humans do silly things.

You know me, I'll rp with anyone who rps back. If they irk me, I might not -continue- to rp; depends what they do (I'm hard to irk that much, really - has to smack of OOC crap).

Try vitamin supplements and see if you still have the cravings?

Re: Nooo!

Hey, I'm working my way through a Mike's Hard Lemonade right now. This is...not always a good thing. :)

As for the rest...I'll say that in my time on the game, I've seen Ron on once, and I've never RP'd with him. I at least saw the previous Draco on /once/, even if it was just to be on to snark (in a sort of lackluster way) on the Public channel at the Gryffindors, and post the 'I'm leaving' note. The trio really needs a Ron, because right now it's just the Duo. I mean, Rhys is more a part of the trio than Ron has been lately, and that's distressing. Especially given that Rhys is a first-year non-feature alt of Draco Malfoy! ;)

I do admittedly find it ironic; I know and understand Ron's personality far better than I do Draco. Draco's a challenge to play, though he's a lot of fun; when I first came to HPM, the features I was idly thinking would be fun to play if they were open - even though I was simultaneously saying 'I won't play a feature' - were Hermione or Ron. I would NEVER have seen myself playing Malfoy. :)

Life is full of surprises!

Re: Nooo!

I roleplayed with the old Ron exactly once. He sat there watching the scene (Common Room scene, with me, Ginny, George, Fred, Sofia, Michelle, I think) for about 30 to 45 minutes before finally deciding to pose coming in right ahead of McGonagall, and not seeing her behind him. That was his only interesting pose. Maybe he was having an off night, but he just did not have Weasley charisma (though he'd have made a decent Percy, I suspect).

And yeah, Rhys has sort of been pulled in because he's there, he's intelligent and inquisitive, and he's not antagonistic either to the Duo or to their goals (or their personalities). I can't see them pulling in Sofia, though she's great fun to rp with - she's ICly a dimbulb, and her persistence in trying to get Hermione to be a sexpot (not literally) drives Hermione up the -wall-. :) OOCly? It's funny, but it's not conducive to willing accomplices (though I can see aiming her, as the twins did, at someone and standing back).

So ... yes, we need a -good- Ron!

Re: Nooo!

The chance of Malfoy actually going after Hermione is so vanishingly, laughingly small as to be amusing. In order for it to ever work, Malfoy's worldview would have to be shattered in a way that he survived it. The ONLY thing I can conceive of which would do this would be if he threw in with Voldemort, and Voldemort used and betrayed him. If the embodiment of what he believed in (superiority of lineage, etc.) tossed him aside (demonstrating a disregard for the Malfoy lineage and name), then Draco would have to re-examine everything.

HOWEVER, the chances of that happening anytime soon are pretty miniscule, too.

So, despite the periodic OOC hounding of certain parties on the game joking that they 'will be dating by the end of the year', I wouldn't put money on it. ;)

Re: Nooo!

Oh, and personally, I can't see Voldemort, prejudiced sot that he is, doing anything to make someone appreciate an (ewww) mudblood anyway. Not intentionally, at least. But we never know.

You know... discussing the finer plot details of Potter is sort of scary. Have you gone to bed yet?

Re: Nooo!

<defensive>I slept...honest!</defensive>

As for Voldemort...I don't think he would intentionally throw Draco aside to hook him up with Hermione. That would just be dumb. But neither do I see Voldemort actually regarding Draco as more than a convenient tool to be used and discarded...and if he acted on that it would cause Draco to have to re-examine things a bit. That's all. :)

Besides, you have the easy time! Your character already had a romantic relationship (or a desire for a specific one) set up in the books, as well as some more basic motivations. Draco's kinda complex, so dissecting his motives and maybes helps! Nyah! :P ;)
Because you're evil. And you call ME evil. Ha!
Hey, you dragged me there. If I'm evil, you're an accessory to evil, you..you... enabler! ;)
Darn. Does that mean I'm not really evil? My life is over!
Honestly, a lot of people seem to figure since I'm playing Hermione (since Hermione's a -female- PC) that I must OOCly be -trying- to get Draco into bed (or, well, the Hogwarts equivalent - wearing his family signet ring on a chain around her neck or something, I guess).

My only observations and analyses have been based on 'of these three characters, this one is the one which would be 'best' for her, under the appropriate circumstances'. Frankly, if we had more available male upperclassmen, I'm pretty sure Hermione'd go for someone else, but there aren't any (who aren't taken, and I do -not- see Hermione as a 'poacher').

Plus, I don't think that having a date is top of the line of importance for her, though it's becoming more important just because of the sheer amount of pressure everyone -else- is putting on her. (Important partly because 'am I that unattractive?' - the 15 year old girl's lament, and partly because that way she can tell them, 'All right, I have a boyfriend, now SHUT UP.')

And I agree that the only way Draco's likely to end up dating Hermione voluntarily is under extremely limited circumstances. I can see it happening - but that doesn't make it likely.
Okay, which Harry Potter game is this? Name, address? :)


Another one falls...! :)

Harry Potter MUSH
hpm.silverden.com 8282