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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Reading] Amusement...

One amusing note for my LJ friends who happen to be fans of some of the same music I am. I meant to post this earlier, but forgot to do so. :)

In S.M. Stirling's new book, Dies the Fire, one of the main characters (Juniper) is a redheaded Celtic/folk musician from the northwest, with a deaf daughter. If this doesn't already sound familiar, it might help to know that many of the lyrics Juniper sings throughout the book are lyrics from songs by Heather Alexander or her band Uffington Horse. (There is an acknowledgment to Heather in the foreword, as well.)

It's also an excellent book on its own merits, aside from having someone very clearly inspired by my favorite folk musician as a main character... but I'm a Stirling fan anyway.


Very, very cool. I know Mercedes Lackey's done a lot of nods to folk singers like Heather Alexander (and filkers like Leslie Fish, for that matter), but I didn't know Stirling did, too.

Cool. :)