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[Riding] Lesson... uh... seven?

My ankle hurts slightly; I think I stepped wrong once while wearing heeled boots the other day. (However, 'Noises Off' was an excellent comedy to go see, and it was an enjoyable evening overall.) Still, riding was great despite a sore left ankle.

Poor Chester had been bitten by something, though, and had a bunch of little itchy places everywhere. I made sure to put some stuff on it, and also sprayed him with fly spray after the lesson, which he wasn't thrilled about but tolerated. He was otherwise fairly well-behaved; he went where I wanted him to, for the most part. I spent a lot of the lesson in two-point, riding around the ring with Chester at a walk until he warmed up. Did trot a bunch, as well... I definitely feel a lot more secure in guiding him, and I'm starting to get a bit of the hang with steering with my legs instead of relying entirely on the reins. I can ride him in tight circles even at a trot, which is a definite improvement!

Fed Chester an apple and some carrots, and also brought a treat for poor neurotic, insecure Coalby, who was still very twitchy. I got her calmed down, and ended up standing there for about fifteen minutes grooming her, and she finally put her head down and her ears forward and just started nuzzling my shoulder, when I found the magic itch spot. Kara said Coalby was a very lucky horse. (Chester was upset with me for spending so much time with his neighbor, too, and demanded more attention before I left, before he'd forgive me. Horses get a touch possessive, it seems!)

Kara's also suggested a few books I should go and get at the tack store, reading material for my time outside the stables which I could work on while not able to actually be around the horses or at the stables.

I imagine I'll be a bit sore tomorrow, though, since I was in two-point for so much of the ride. Need to go to bed a little early, though, since I have to go get the car to the service center early in the morning. I'll meet my mother there, and she'll give me a ride back after I drop off Skuld.

Amusingly, they tried to sign me up for today, and I said I had a riding lesson; the woman on the phone at the service desk said "Oh! I have an eight-year-old daughter who wants desperately to learn to ride, but I don't know any good places here in Kirkland or Bellevue." Evergreen will start teaching students at age 8, and is in Kirkland; I told her this, and she asked for their info. So I'll be dropping off the rate list, and a business card, along with the car tomorrow. :)
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