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FF Sparks (Casual)

[General] Horsies and Writing

In addition to a bunch of work today, and cleaning up my todo list for the next couple revisions of Trillian, I also took bayushi to Toys R Us on an errand to pick up something for the tadlet. While there, I found a bunch of plushy horses, once of which reminded me of Amigo; it was only $10, so I picked it up. Plushie-Amigo now lives on my bookshelf.

After work, I headed off to Peet's to get the traditional chai latté and work a bit on a short story... but Lars showed up as he came on shift, and told me he had finished what I'd written of Last Page so far, and "I don't want to pressure you or ruin the flow of writing and all, but... when will the next chapter be ready? I really need to know what happens next." Gratifying to hear, if a little guilt-inducing when I'm sitting there working on something other than the next chapter of LP! Worse still, another one of the folks mentioned he was reading the draft and was only two chapters away from finishing what I had so far. Gaah!

This weekend will have a bit of time devoted to that next chapter, I've decided. Still, it's been a productive week overall, and I'm pleased with it.