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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Writing] Jack L. Chalker very ill

Those on my friends list who are SF/fantasy fans may at least be familiar with the works of author Jack L. Chalker, a prolific writer who focused on works involving transformation and change. Regardless of whether or not you like his writing, Mr. Chalker is reportedly a very interesting, engaging and animated person, who has always been willing to help out starting writers with contacts, information and advice to help them build their careers.

Mr. Chalker has been very ill over the past year, and has been hospitalized since the beginning of the holiday season. If he pulls through, he will most likely be permanently disabled, and it is looking very unlikely that his writing career will continue.

His family have been quite taxed by the medical bills (writing doesn't exactly provide medical insurance), and a number of other SF/Fantasy authors are encouraging fellow authors and fans to donate a few spare dollars to the Paypal fund set up. So here's the obligatory link to help the effort out, if you have a few spare bucks after tsunami donations and whatever other causes have come calling. ;)

Alternatively, he and his family welcome visits from fans in the Baltimore area who want to drop by the hospital and make his day a little brighter.