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[General] Weekend...

Well, wonderwombat was visiting this weekend, and kieri is still here for another day or so. It was great to hang out with everyone again, just like old times. (Right down to occasional random bickering!) Today or tomorrow, Huong should be back, so Jen may have a chance to meet her still.

I do feel a little bad since I kind of was bad about the whole diet, and ate a few things I probably shouldn't have such as half of a calzone, or a croissant -- but hey, it's the only time for a long while that our little Trio will be together, and I think I haven't done too badly this week overall. (I guess we'll test that theory tomorrow for weigh-in, though!)

Did take FJ and Jen to Peet's Coffee, where I usually sit to write, and we watched Office Space, and most of season 2 of Black Books, and a few other things. Mostly, though, we just hung out and socialized.

Other than just hanging out, FJ and I also went to see The Phantom of the Opera, which was not as good as it could have been, but a great deal better than I feared. I had such high hopes when they did the opening overture and showed the grainy, gray black-and-white images of the ruined opera house spinning back into color and the glory days... but alas, not all of the film lived up to it. Some scenes were over the top /too/ far (the graveyard scene, oh, god, the graveyard scene), though others worked really, really well. Still, it was really quite enjoyable overall, and both Christine and the Phantom were superbly cast.

My only real complaint, overall, was much the same as FJ's; no one sat them down and got anyone to actually stick to an accent for the spoken lines. In most cases, this was still not really egregious; the exception was that Raoul is supposed to be a French aristocrat and instead ended up sounding like the Viscount of Montana for most of his spoken parts.

Definitely very enjoyable anyway, though. :)

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