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[Horse] Lesson 5

I got there earlier than usual today, and so I had a chance to meet some of the other horses. Elmo, a six-year-old, is one of the regional hunter champions, and he's got absolutely amazing conformation. Just gorgeous.

Chester was -- as usual -- a brat when I was tacking him up. I've come to just expect this and account for it. But we had a good session; he finally has agreed that I'm in charge of navigation, and he was actually an angel for the last part of the lesson, turning on a dime and going where I wanted with very little urging. He was also very well-behaved when I was taking off his tack and grooming him afterwards.

His stall needed to be mucked out, though, so as long as I already had him still cross-tied I thought I'd volunteer to do so. One of the other folks watched Chester for me while I did so... I ache now, admittedly, but Kara says the fact that I didn't mind doing the work means I'm pretty well addicted.

After he was put away and I had cleaned and stowed his tack, Chester got the traditional apple -- and one of the sugar-carrots I mentioned picking up earlier, which made his eyes go wide and brought an immediate and very emphatic expression of the fact that he would Like Another Right Now Please Thank You.

After seeing Chester tucked in, as it were, I wandered off to the office and ended up having a talk with Kara after she found me sitting there and reading avidly through the various books on the shelf in the office. She suggested a few books to pick up at the tack shop, since I was going to go and get a helmet of my own anyway.

We also had an amusing talk where I noted, 'this is going to be a very expensive activity, isn't it? But I'm already hooked.' She replied that she was pretty sure in a little while I'd be getting my own grooming kit, and then going to two lessons a week, and then getting my own special tack, and then half-leasing a horse, and then getting a saddle of my own, and then full-leasing a horse and boarding it, and then buying a horse... her definition was, "it's a very slippery, and expensive, slope."

I laughed, and told her she was probably right, because 'I don't know a lot yet, but I /do/ know that I'm pretty well addicted to horses now.' She said, well, there's plenty of time to learn. And I replied, that yeah, especially if I just wanted to work with horses and not show.

Kara laughed. "You say /now/ you don't want to get into showing. But remember that slippery slope I just mentioned...? 'Showing' is one point on it..." I laughed and told her I'd keep that in mind.

Then I headed home. Traffic was fairly light, and I got home to find that kieri was already here! Yay! So I've changed out of horsie-clothes and am going to grab a bite to eat, and then we can veg in front of the TV like old times! :D
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