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[General] Weekend Thoughts

I definitely get more into cleaning (neurotically so, according to Brent and a few others) when I have energy left over. In addition to the bookshelves last night, I went out and did errands today, and set up a nice artistic bowl of cherry tomatoes as a snack in the living room, on the table there.

I also picked up a bag of really good sweet carrots, which I'll be taking to the stables as my contribution to the tack and supply room. (And, of course, the obligatory granny smith apple for Chester.)

Really looking forward to seeing kieri, who'll get up here this evening, and wonderwombat, who'll be arriving sometime tomorrow. It'll be so nice to have the Trio together again, even for just a few days before we lose FJ back to Canada and the hell that is Stream call centers, and before Jen goes back to Japan.

Movies, Lord of the Rings (extended edition) marathon, and generally just hanging out with best friends. It looks like it'll be a good weekend!
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